Friday, October 29, 2010

♥ A little Thanks and A few important messages! ♥

Hi!!, First i want to thank everybody who drops by my blog, secondly thanks to everyone who leaves a message coz its a nice thing to do and i feel motivated to do more when i see a message or two!!lol

Now for the annoucements, I've been thinking of deleting my Tut website and loading all the tuts to the blog as i cant find time to update two places when i post a tut..maybe i'll start using google pages or something, so just incase please keep this site bookmarked if you like my tuts and other stuff!!

Thanks again!!
Make sure to leave a message if you drop by :D!

Hugs & Cheers

♥ New PTU Tut - Princess ♥

Ok This is the latest and yes with the same tube but i love it soo can't help it!!
Click HERE For the Tut!!

♥ PTU Tut - Pictureque

Old actually! I didnt have time to post it here but here it is anyway!!